Digital Book Display: Remembrance Day

Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021

We’ve collected a few books, films, and other sources from our collections to highlight the stories of our veterans for Remembrance Day.


Video, Sound and Film


Digital Display: Halloween Books, Movies, and Music

Friday, Oct 29, 2021

Did you know we create themed book displays in the library? This is our purely digital version, so you can get in the Halloween spirit without even leaving your home! 

To Read:

Creep by R.M. Greenaway

Young Goodman Brown and Other Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Halloween by Joanna Ponto and Fay Robinson

Haunted Holidays: Twelve Months of Kentucky Ghosts by Roberta Simpson Brown and Lonnie E. Brown

Nightmare Factories: The Asylum in the American Imagination by Troy Rondinone

Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween by Lisa Morton

To Watch:

Halloween 2

Monsters Among Us Series

The Scarehouse

Trick 'r Treat


Fun size (French)

To Listen:

Halloween theme: Club Horror remix

The perfect classical Halloween soundtrack!

Open Access Matters

Monday, Oct 25, 2021

This Open Access Week, MacEwan Library would like to take this opportunity to applaud everyone who shares their research, data, knowledge, and creative works openly online for others to read, use, learn from, and build upon. 

For researchers, students, alumni, and the broader global community, it matters.

Want Some Help Sharing Your Work?

MacEwan Library supports a range of open-source platforms to help faculty and students share and digitally preserve their works at no cost:

The Library also offers open access publishing discounts and resources to help find suitable open access publishers. 

Questions about open access?
Contact Scholarly Communications Librarian Robyn Hall or connect with your Subject Librarian


2021 Tenure and Promotion Recognition Collection

Monday, Oct 18, 2021

The John L. Haar Library is delighted to announce the digital exhibit of works selected for the 2021 Tenure and Promotion Recognition Collection is now live. The collection, established in 2019 in partnership with the Office of the Provost, celebrates faculty achievement and marks career progress. Eligible faculty members are invited to select a book or other work that holds professional or personal meaning for them. View the 2021 exhibit including personal statements about the selected works.

From the Archives: Moving classroom delights students

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021
Moving Classroom Delights Travel Students Classes in a bus? Second year travel students moved outside for a travel agency procedures course October 15 and 17 when the Voyageur Travel Insurance Knowmobile visited Assumption. The specially-constructed Highway Cruiser, built for Expo '67, was on a western swing. The company holds seminars and receptions for travel agents in the bus, totally self-contained with bar, phone, television screen and lounges

"Classes in a bus? Second year travel students moved outside for a travel agency procedures course October 15 and 17 when the Voyageur Travel Insurance Knowmobile visited Assumption. The specially-constructed Highway Cruiser, built for Expo '67, was on a western swing. The company holds seminars and receptions for travel agents in the bus, totally self-contained with bar, phone, television screen and lounges."

Source: Box 1796, October 29, 1980

For other stories from our past, visit the University Archives.

Orange Shirt Day: September 30

September 30, known by many as Orange Shirt Day, has been formally designated the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This is an opportunity to collectively learn, reflect, and grieve the ongoing harm to individuals, families, communities, and beyond through the residential school system in Canada. Live online events will be happening across the country on this day, and we encourage you to join them. We further share the resources below in support of truth-telling and learning.

READING (Main Collection)  

READING (Juvenile & Youth)  




From the Archives: Centre for Sport & Wellness opens

Monday, Jun 28, 2021

All the way back in 1993, we celebrated to opening of the Sport & Wellness Centre! Other than the fashion trends of visitors, it doesn't look like much has changed. It has certainly aged VERY well! Below is the original announcement in MacEwan Today and a photo:

"On June 19th we threw open the doors and invited everyone to tour this wonderful facility. And everyone came – close to 5,000 people watched an incredible array of events. Gymnasium activities included karate demonstrations, aerobics and step classes, badminton games and basketball free-throw. In the pool, athletes performed synchronized swimming, water polo, canoeing manoeuvres and diving. Participants worked out in the weight room and others played racquetball, squash and wallyball in the courts area.

More than 300 participants and another 40 volunteers helped to make this event an incredible success and showcase our new MacEwan Centre for Sport & Wellness. Have you purchased your privilege card yet? They’re going fast!" (Sources: MacEwan Today, July 5, 1993, and 2017-03-17_45 Box 7 Folder 22). 

An old photograph of the opening day of the Sport and Wellness Centre. The photo is taken from the bleachers overlooking the pool. Many people are sitting in the bleachers while a few people are paddling in kayaks and canoes in the pool.

For other stories from our past, visit the University Archives.

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

With so many live events taking place in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we hope that you are busy learning from Elders and Knowledge Keepers with open mind, body, heart and spirit!

For those looking to learn and celebrate on a flexible timeline, we invite you to explore the following resources and more available through MacEwan Library and kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre:


NFB Hothouse 12 Playlist (Film Shorts):

Kayak to Klemtu (Feature Film):

kihêw waciston YouTube (Recorded Teachings):


2 Crees in a Pod (Podcast):

enâtawâstemikweyahk nehiyaw (Cree) Meditation Album (Streaming Album):

CFWE Radio (Windspeaker Media):

Reclaimed with Jarrett Martineau (CBC Radio):


Little You (Richard Van Camp & Julie Flett, Online Board Book):

This Place: 150 Years Retold (Online Graphic Novel Anthology):

Love Beyond Body, Space And Time (Ed. Hope Nicholson, Print Anthology):

The Knowledge Seeker: Embracing Indigenous Spirituality (Blair Stonechild, Online):

Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine (Kim Anderson, Online):

Library Renovations are in Full Swing!

Friday, Jun 11, 2021

The second phase of the renovation of the John L. Haar Library is well underway! 

In the first phase of the renovation (completed August 2020) work focused on the third floor of the library, increasing study space for students. The second phase began in late March and focuses on the second or “main” floor of the library. The redesign will feature easier access to services, better traffic flow, numerous cosmetic upgrades, and more natural light. 

Here’s some highlights of what we’re looking forward to: 

  • New grand staircase – The staircase in building 7 is getting a makeover into a long grand staircase. It will also be moved back a bit to make more space by the service desk area. 

  • Increased natural light from the south side of the library – The Technology Support desk will be incorporated into a new central service desk. The windows behind that space will add more sunshine to the second floor. 

  • Feature wall graphic designed by student artists – Behind the updated service desk will be a feature wall designed by some of MacEwan’s graphic design students! 

  • Dedicated space for the Writing Centre and Makerspace – Both the Writing Centre and our Makerspace will have new homes and larger spaces within the library on the second floor in building 6. 

  • Better traffic flow through the central part of the library – Between classes the library becomes a high traffic area as everyone rushes to their next class. Moving the staircase back and updating our service desk will provide more space for everyone moving between buildings or waiting for assistance at the desk. 


Check out some progress shots of the renovations! 

A photograph from the third floor of the library looking down at the staircase in building 7. Scaffolding is surrounding the staircase.

[Here’s a shot of the staircase before demolition. It will be moved to the other end of the opening and come straight down to the second floor rather than bending in the middle.] 


A photograph of the space where the library service desk was. It is now demolished and the wall behind it has been removed to revel the space behind it. Flooring and ceiling have been removed and expose the concrete and wiring underneath.

[Here’s a photo of the service desk area after the old desk and wall were removed. The new desk will be a centralized place to ask all your library and tech support questions!] 


A photograph of a wall in the library that has been knocked out to reveal another room behind it which used to be the Exam Centre. This space will become the new Writing Centre and Makerspace. Flooring and ceiling covering have been removed exposing concrete and wiring.

[The Exam Services Centre has move to a new space on campus and the library is using the old space to create dedicated areas for the Writing Centre and Makerspace. These spaces will be in building 6 on the second floor next to the Mac computer lab.] 


Reopening is scheduled for the start of classes in Fall 2021. Watch for information about our grand reopening! 

In the meantime, our Library Takeout Service is available to pick up holds and ID cards, borrow laptops and other equipment, and get assistance with your library account. Research and account assistance is also available through Library Chat

From the Archives: Foundation reports first $1 million

Monday, May 31, 2021

Garage sales, casinos, and staff donations helped get the MacEwan college foundation over 1 million dollars in 1984. An amazing accomplishment! Check out this announcement from MacEwan Today in 1984:

"Give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks to staff efforts and donations, the college foundation went over the million dollar mark for the first time since its beginnings in January 1980. “Staff have not only contributed through cash and deferred giving, but have pitched in and helped put on fundraising events,” said executive director Terry Flannigan. 

A fall appeal encourages staff to make regular donations. Deferred giving, which makes the college benefactor to life insurance policies, is becoming increasingly popular. Staff also participated in a garage sale and casino. An $18,000 Mazda RX7 will be raffled off in December. Sixty thousand $1 tickets are on sale now. 

Donations can be directed toward a specific endowment fund, such as the one for scholarships and bursaries which foundation’s Janet Wright hopes will be topped off in 1984. Donations reached 80 percent of the $250,000 goal in 1983. Funding is also being sought to refloor the Mill Woods gym. A thanks a million wine and cheese will be held for deferred givers, June 4, Jasper Place Campus." (Source: MacEwan Today, May 30, 1984). 

For other stories from our past, visit the University Archives.