MacEwan Library has a wide range of technologies available for student, staff, and faculty use. You can also print, copy, and scan. The Library Service desk or our online chat service can help you connect to wi-fi and access the library from home.

Additional Information:

Computers in the Library

The library has a variety of desktops available on both floors for registered students, staff, and faculty. We also have monitors available if you want to connect your laptop.

Using Library Computers

Library computers are available to students, staff, and faculty with an active MacEwan login. We have both Microsoft and Apple desktops available on both floors for your research with access to specialized software. Basic technological help is available from the Library Service desk; in-depth help is available here: through chat.

Tips for using computer workstations:

  • Save your work regularly
  • Save documents to a USB or a cloud service
  • Log off when you are finished working on a station

Library Computer Labs

The Library has two computer labs – 6-201V is equipped with Mac VDIs and 7-202C is equipped with Microsoft VDIs. Both are available for use during business hours when classes are not in session.

Public Access to Computers

The Library has one public access station on the second floor for users to access the MacEwan Library Website and database content.

Additional Information:

Wi-fi & Internet Access

MacEwan Secure Registered students, staff or faculty members have access to the MacEwanSecure Wi-Fi network while at MacEwan University.

Access MacEwanSecure by logging in with your MacEwan username and password (same information used to log in to your other MacEwan services).

Eduroam Wireless

Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is a wireless network service that allows staff and faculty from one post-secondary to access the Internet while visiting another post-secondary. When connecting to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network, enter your full email address as your username and your regular password.

To make access easier, download the Eduroam certificate installer for your device:

For assistance, use the live chat at

Connect from Off-Campus

To ensure you are able to fully access the library’s resources, sign in to the MacEwan Portal when using the library website from home or elsewhere.