Research Basics

Not sure where to start on your research paper or assignment? The library has a variety of online and in-person services to support your research:

Research Process

The topics listed below are important parts of the research process. Expand each topic to find helpful resources to support your work!

Develop a Research Question

Knowing what your topic is, and your specific question related to that topic impacts the entire research process - everything from what resources you need to how you write your paper.

Find Resources

Finding resources that apply to your topic is all about having the right search strategy and knowing what kind of information will effectively support your answer to the research question.

Need help with finding resources? Visit the Library’s Finding Resources pages to learn how to find articles, books, eBooks, and more!

For discipline-specific resources, visit the Subject Guide for your course or degree program.

Evaluate and Read

Once you being reading the resources you’ve found, you’ll also need to determine if they are appropriate for your research. This includes whether or not it contains accurate and verified information, if it is relevant to your research question, and if it effectively supports your answer to the research question.

Organize, Write, and Cite

Now that you’ve got your resources, you’re ready to craft an answer to your research question. To do this, you will need to plan out the structure of your research paper, write a draft of the paper, and cite your resources clearly and correctly. The Writing Centre offers writing tutor support as well as a variety of resources for help with writing, citation, and studying.

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