Types of Resources

Data & Statistics

Whether you are looking for statistics for an assignment or searching for secondary datasets for a research project, the library can help.

Find Data & Statistics

  • Odesi - The best place to start for Canadian data. Includes polling data and data from Statistics Canada, among other sources.
  • Google Dataset Search - searches for datasets in thousands of different repositories from around the world.
  • Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) - RTRA is an online tool that allows users to run SAS programs in real time to extract results from Statistics Canada master files. For inquiries about using RTRA contact data@macewan.ca.
  • Consider which organizations or agencies may have the information you're seeking and search or browse their website for data or statistics.
  • When browsing websites for data or statistics look for menu labels like data, statistics, reports, or publications.
  • For government data or statistics, see if the government you're interested in has an open data portal. Search for the name of the city/province/country and the words “open data”.

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