From the Archives: Centre for Sport & Wellness opens

All the way back in 1993, we celebrated to opening of the Sport & Wellness Centre! Other than the fashion trends of visitors, it doesn't look like much has changed. It has certainly aged VERY well! Below is the original announcement in MacEwan Today and a photo:

"On June 19th we threw open the doors and invited everyone to tour this wonderful facility. And everyone came – close to 5,000 people watched an incredible array of events. Gymnasium activities included karate demonstrations, aerobics and step classes, badminton games and basketball free-throw. In the pool, athletes performed synchronized swimming, water polo, canoeing manoeuvres and diving. Participants worked out in the weight room and others played racquetball, squash and wallyball in the courts area.

More than 300 participants and another 40 volunteers helped to make this event an incredible success and showcase our new MacEwan Centre for Sport & Wellness. Have you purchased your privilege card yet? They’re going fast!" (Sources: MacEwan Today, July 5, 1993, and 2017-03-17_45 Box 7 Folder 22). 

An old photograph of the opening day of the Sport and Wellness Centre. The photo is taken from the bleachers overlooking the pool. Many people are sitting in the bleachers while a few people are paddling in kayaks and canoes in the pool.

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From the Archives: Foundation reports first $1 million

Garage sales, casinos, and staff donations helped get the MacEwan college foundation over 1 million dollars in 1984. An amazing accomplishment! Check out this announcement from MacEwan Today in 1984:

"Give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks to staff efforts and donations, the college foundation went over the million dollar mark for the first time since its beginnings in January 1980. “Staff have not only contributed through cash and deferred giving, but have pitched in and helped put on fundraising events,” said executive director Terry Flannigan. 

A fall appeal encourages staff to make regular donations. Deferred giving, which makes the college benefactor to life insurance policies, is becoming increasingly popular. Staff also participated in a garage sale and casino. An $18,000 Mazda RX7 will be raffled off in December. Sixty thousand $1 tickets are on sale now. 

Donations can be directed toward a specific endowment fund, such as the one for scholarships and bursaries which foundation’s Janet Wright hopes will be topped off in 1984. Donations reached 80 percent of the $250,000 goal in 1983. Funding is also being sought to refloor the Mill Woods gym. A thanks a million wine and cheese will be held for deferred givers, June 4, Jasper Place Campus." (Source: MacEwan Today, May 30, 1984). 

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From the Archives: 1997 Convocation

More than careers take flight at 1997 Convocation 

The GMCC Students' Association knew it had found the most appropriate way to commemo­rate its 25th anniversary when it decided to adopt an injured eagle to be released at convocation.  

Besides the chance to return one of nature's finest specimens to the wild, the S.A. feels the release of the once-injured eagle to be sym­bolic of the college's ability to import greater freedom, opportu­nity and life skills to its gradu­ates.  

Photograph of an eagle being uncovered from a small tipi while a crowd watches in the background.

The release of the majestic bird of prey, named Mac after Dr. J. W. Grant MacEwan, also symbolizes the college namesake's high regard for the environment, and his desire to leave it better than he found it. Mac came to the Alberta Society for Injured Birds of Prey starving, half blind and suffering from a blow to the head - afflictions that could have easily ended the approximately 10 year old bird. An estimated life span of 40 years makes the work put into its recuperation that much more important. Specialists in this type of care, the ASIBP says Mac has since healed nicely and should be in fine form when it comes time to 'graduate' from the outdoor aviary to the forests of Alberta. 

Mac is scheduled to be released April 6 at Hawrelak Park and the association hopes as many as possible will be able to attend. (Sources: Intercamp, March 17, 1997, and 2017-02-14/40, Box 2 Folder 12) 

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From the Archives: Parking Lot Hockey in 1982

Another gem from the archives!


Old photograph of students playing hockey in the Cromdale campus parking lot. Article text is included in the description below.


The Cromdale Challenge


Millwoods Campus has its humongous gym, Jasper Place also has a gym along with racquetball courts. And Cromdale Campus has its parking lot. 


Parking lot? Yes, parking lot. On Friday afternoons Cromdale students can be found scurrying around the asphalt shooting and hitting, hooking and slashing. Ball hockey of course. At present a team made up of Journalism and Ad and PR students are calling themselves college champions. If you are interested in challenging the college champs call Cromdale and leave a message for Rich in the student association office. A team of four is all that is necessary. (Source: Intercamp, vol. 2, no. 2, 1982)


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From the Archives: Straight to the Top in 1981

Straight to the top is where the college’s Griffettes volleyball team and coach Ed Reddon are headed in the new college bus. The $25,000 reconditioned bus was donated to the GMCC Foundation by the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton. Information Office photo by Linda Mueller (Source: Box 1796, vol. 2, no. 3, 1981).

Photograph of the women's volleyball team from 1981 and their coach sitting on top of and around a bus.


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From the Archives: 1979 Graduation Fees

A miniature diploma and an afternoon tea? Take a glimpse into what graduation was like in 1979! The following are notes from a December 1979 board meeting.


For the third consecutive year the College has exceeded its target for the United Way campaign. Total cash and pledges collected was approximately $8100, nine percent over the goal of $7400. 


Approval was given for a $10 application to graduate fee. The fee will cover the cost of graduation gown rental, two transcripts, a miniature plastic diploma and attendance at the tea following graduation ceremonies. 


The Board approved establishment charts, effective July 1, 1979, for Mill Woods Campus and Continuing Education Division. (Source: Box 1796, vol. 1, no. 1, 1979) 


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From the Archives: March 1978 

Take a trip down memory lane with us! The following is an update from the Learning Resources Centre, dated March 1978.  

Computer-based searches for materials are on the rise and efforts are being made to increase our access to these through cooperative agreements with the Edmonton Public Library.   

Services on Jasper Place have upgraded to include a record collection for faculty, a record player, a sound duplication module, and better quality tape recorders.   

Cromdale Campus is now receiving a wide selection of national newspapers, and some international ones thanks to a new agreement with Mike’s News Stand. This campus is also handling the lending system for off-campus materials associated with a Continuing Education pilot project.   

Assumption Campus received their new video-tape players to augment a growing use of modularized learning programs. Available from this campus are a new collection of videotapes on metrication which should be of interest to many. (Source: 2017-12-13/61, box 3, folder 13)

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