Types of Resources

Articles (peer-reviewed)

Peer-reviewed articles are typically short (10-20 page) research papers written by scholars. They are published in academic journals following review by other experts to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

Published articles that have undergone peer-review typically include the following sections:

  • An abstract (or short description)
  • An introduction and review of relevant literature
  • Research findings
  • A discussion and conclusions
  • An extensive list of works cited in the article

Search for Articles

Use the MacEwan Library Search to search for articles by keyword (e.g., racism AND Alberta), or by title (e.g., “Large body size for metamorphic wood frogs in urban stormwater wetlands”).

When doing a keyword search, limit to “Peer Reviewed” and “Academic Journals” using the options to the left of your search results.

Find Articles by Subject

To search for articles from a specific discipline (e.g., Sociology, Biology) try the following options:

  • Visit the library’s Find a Database page
    • Beside Find by Type, select “Articles”
    • Beside Find by Subject, select a subject area
    • Review descriptions for each database listed to ensure it meets your needs
  • Explore the “Articles” page on library Subject Guides

Find Related Articles

The following technique, known as citation linking or chaining, can help with finding related works on a research topic by exploring which works have cited each other over time.

  • Find older works: Once you have found an article on your topic, look through the articles it cites at the end in its reference list to find additional, related works. Search for these articles by title using the main Library Search or Find By Citation tool.
  • Find more recent works: Search for an article by title in the following databases: If the article is available in any of the databases listed above, the search results will include a “Cited by” number for the article. Select this number to explore who has cited this work since it was published. Select the “Find It” option alongside these article results to locate copies of these more recent, related works.

Find Articles Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that provides access to articles published by academic journals as well as works posted to the web by scholarly societies, universities, conferences, and individual researchers. While Google Scholar can provide widespread results on a research topic, its search functionality is limited and the variety and quality of sources vary greatly.

Off-campus access: To access articles that MacEwan Library subscribes to off-campus using Google Scholar:

  • Select Library Links from the Settings menu (top-left corner of webpage)
  • Search for “MacEwan”
  • Select and save the options presented

Search results the library subscribes to should now have a “Find it @ MacEwan” option beside them providing access to subscription content.

Additional Information