Library Map

The John L. Haar Library is on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of Buildings 6 and 7, 10700 104 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.
  Second Floor
Interactive Library Map An interactive map of the library showing where rooms and areas are, what they are used for, and, in some cases, what equipment is in the room. Some room and area descriptions contain links for more information or for booking the space. North Building 7 Building 6 Second Floor 7-275E 7-275F 7-273I 7-273J 7-273Q 7-275A 7-275B 7-275C 7-273A 7-273B 7-273C 7-273D 7-273E 7-273G 7-273K 7-273L 7-273M 7-273N Library Offices MultipurposeRoom 7-269 7-202A 7-202B 7-202D 7-202E 7-202F 7-202G 6-201A 6-201B 6-201C 6-201D 6-201E 6-201H 6-201K 6-201L 6-201M 6-201N 6-201W 6-204A 6-204B 6-204C 6-201R Printers 7-201 LibraryServices Desk HoldShelf Makerspace 6-203 Writing Centre 6-202 ComputerLab 7-202C ComputerLab 6-201V Computers Royal BankOpen Area Dr. PaulG. OtkeConversationArea 6-205 Laurie Morison Reading Corner Clock TowerStairwell Spiral StairwellAccess toMain Floor 7-305A 7-305B 7-305D Library Offices Third Floor 7-302A 7-302B 7-302C 6-301A 6-301B 6-301C 6-301E 6-301F 6-301K 6-301L 7-302D 7-302L 6-301D 6-301J UniversityArchives Computers Reading Room R u p e r t s l a n d R e a d i n g R o o m Clock TowerStairwell
Audio Room
Computer Labs
Group Use Rooms
Hold Shelf
Library Services Desk
Silent Study Rooms
University Archives
Writing Centre
Library Offices
Emergency Exits
Washroom - All Gender
Washroom - Barrier-Free
Washroom - Men's
Washroom - Women's
Water Fountain/Bottle Filling

Browsing the Shelves

Collaborative Area
Quiet Area
Silent Area

Using the Map

  • Click the square icons to highlight their location(s) in the library
  • Hover over the circles in the legend to indicate their counterparts on the map.
  • Click and drag to pan and use the scroll wheel or buttons in the right corner to zoom the map.