Digital Display: Freedom to Read Week

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023

February 19-25 is Freedom to Read Week in Canada! Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom and take a stand against censorship and book banning. While the MacEwan Library does not carry many ebooks that have been banned or challenged, we have plenty of banned books’ film adaptations, which you will find on this list. We have also decided to include a number of resources about banned books, which will teach you more about the history of book censorship.

To Read:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain


To Watch:

Clockwork Orange

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Of Mice and Men

The Color Purple

The Giver

The Hate U Give

The Kite Runner


Banned Book Resources


120 Banned Books: Censorship Histories and World Literature by Nicholas J. Karolides, Margaret Bald, and Dawn B. Sova

Banned in the U.S.A.: A Reference Guide to Book Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries by Herbert N. Foerstel

Beyond Banned Books: Defending Intellectual Freedom Throughout Your Library by Kristin Pekoll and the American Library Association

Teaching Banned Books: 12 Guides for Young Readers by Pat Scales



Amplify Banned Books Week: Advice to Raise Awareness of Censorship, Defend LGBTQIA+ Library Books by Pat Scales

Banned Book Recommendations for Your Child's Summer Reading List by Amy Joyce

Beyond Banned Books: Censorship Campaigns Impact School Visits for LGBTQIA+ Authors, Writers of Color by Kara Yorio

Censorship and Silence: How Book Bans and Removals Threaten Diverse Stories and Voices by April Dawkins

Florida’s Book Ban Takes Censorship to the Next Level by Marsha Lederman

More Censorship. Florida No. 1 in Prison Book-Bans. Even Books about ‘Star Trek’ and Flowers by Scott Maxwell

Teens Fight for the Right to Read with 'Banned-Book Clubs' and Lawsuits by Hannah Natanson

The Banned Book List: A Monument of Injustice Against Freedom of Speech by Sue Jeong Ka

Unbanning Books by Lisa Peet


External Resources: 

Bannings and Burnings in History

The Frequently Banned Books Everyone Should Read

The History of Book Bans – And Their Changing Targets – In the U.S.

Top 10 Most Challenged Book Lists 

Top 100 Most Banned and Challenged Books: 2010-2019


Digital Display: Healthy Relationships Week

Friday, Feb 10, 2023

Building healthy and caring relationships and communities takes work and understanding. That is why February 13-17 is Healthy Relationships Week at MacEwan, with an aim of preventing relationship violence and promoting healthy connections between one another. To teach you more about maintaining healthy relationships, the MacEwan Library has compiled a list of relevant resources.

To Read:

10 Ways to Be Successful in Love by Lesley Ito

Best Thing Ever: Escape Disappointments and Drama and Let True Love Into Your Life by Sky Blossoms

Creating Relationship Wellness: An Introduction to the Techniques of Mindfulness for Healthy Relationships by Stephanie Wijkstrom

Dangerous Love: Transforming Fear and Conflict at Home, at Work, and in the World by Chad Ford

Health and Social Relationships: the Good, the Bad, and the Complicated by Matthew L. Newman and Nicole A. Roberts

Positive Relationships in School: Supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing by Alison Waterhouse

Relationship Skills 101 for Teens: Your Guide to Dealing with Daily Drama, Stress, and Difficult Emotions Using DBT by Sheri Van Dijk

Smart Partners: Building Successful Relationships in Business and Life by Jim Burba and Bob Hayes

The Assertiveness Guide for Women: How to Communicate Your Needs, Set Healthy Boundaries, and Transform Your Relationships by Julie de Azevedo Hanks

Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That?: Two Relationship Experts Reveal the Naked Truth About Dating in the 21st Century by Paula Bloom and Reef Karim

With a Little Help From Our Friends: Creating Community As We Grow Older by Beth Baker


To Watch:

Building and Deepening Relationships

Co-creating a Positive Relationship With Richard Stuart

Creating Successful Relationships. Part 1: Dynamics of Relationships

Energy Give-and-Take in Relationships

Healthy Relationships

Voices About Relationships


Digital Display: Black History Month

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month and we are celebrating here at the MacEwan Library! In addition to the events and activities planned for Black History Month across campus, the Library has compiled a list of resources to read and watch about Black history for those who would like to learn more. Check them out below!

To Read:

A History of Fort Worth in Black & White: 165 Years of African-American Life by Richard F. Selcer

Almost Dead: Slavery and Social Rebirth in the Black Urban Atlantic, 1680-1807 by Michael Lawrence Dickinson

Blacks in Canada: A History by Robin W. Winks

Desert Rose: The Life and Legacy of Coretta Scott King by Edythe Scott Bagley

Ebony Magazine and Lerone Bennett Jr.: Popular Black History in Postwar America by E. James West

​​Free Men in an Age of Servitude: Three Generations of a Black Family by Lee H. Warner

Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War by Scott Christianson

It's Good to Be Black by Ruby Berkley Goodwin

Making Black History: The Color Line, Culture, and Race in the Age of Jim Crow by Jeffrey Aaron Snyder

Strange Fruit, Volume II: More Uncelebrated Narratives From Black History by Joel Christian Gill

The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of an Idea by Christopher J. Lebron

The Price of Defiance: James Meredith and the Integration of Ole Miss by Charles W. Eagles

Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

What a Woman Ought to Be and to Do: Black Professional Women Workers During the Jim Crow Era by Stephanie J. Shaw


To Watch:

African American/Black History Map Rap


Black American Experience: African Americans Who Left Their Stamp on History

Black is…Black Ain't

Daughters of the New Republic: Harriet Tubman and Sarah Bradford

Hidden Figures

Talking Black in America

The Color Purple


Introducing the New Statistical Consulting Centre

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023

MacEwan University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics is pleased to announce the launch of the new Statistical Consulting Centre. 

Statistics is a critical part of the empirical research process, providing the theoretical and applied background to guide study design, choice of statistical tools, and interpretation of results. As MacEwan’s scholarly output continues to grow, it is highly beneficial for researchers across the university to have access to trained statisticians who can help support their work.

The Statistical Consulting Centre provides statistical support for MacEwan’s faculty and student researchers. This support includes:

  • Planning stage consultation
    • Experiment design
    • Sample size calculations
    • Confounding and lurking influences
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Results interpretation
  • Writing and reporting support

The centre is staffed by faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, as well as students who receive paid employment or course credit through their work with the centre.

For more information, check out their website.

If you or one of your students could benefit from assistance with the statistical elements of your research, contact the Statistical Consulting Centre at

Digital Display: Mental Health Week

Friday, Jan 20, 2023

January 23-27 is Mental Health Week here at MacEwan! The theme for this year is "Self Care Isn't Selfish," and there are a number of events around campus for students, staff, and faculty to attend. For many people, reading IS self-care. If that sounds like you, we have curated a list of eBooks related to mental health for you to explore!

To Read:

A New Psychology Based on Community, Equality, and Care of the Earth: An Indigenous American Perspective by Arthur W. Blume

Beyond Tea and Tissues: Protecting and Promoting Mental Health at Work by Karen Milner and Judith Ancer

Coping with Anxiety: Ten Simple Ways to Relieve Anxiety, Fear, and Worry by Edmund J. Bourne and Lorna Garano

Humanizing Mental Illness: Enhancing Agency Through Social Interaction by Abigail Gosselin

Integrating Indigenous and Traditional Practices in Refugee Mental Health Therapy by E. Anne Marshall

Just Ask: Why Seeking Support Is Your Greatest Strength by Andy Lopata

Mindfulness Meditation: Awakening to Better Sleep by Jason C. Ong

Science Over Stigma: Education and Advocacy for Mental Health by Daniel B. Morehead

Self-Care for New and Student Nurses by Dorrie K. Fontaine, Tim Cunningham, and Natalie May

Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19: Your Trauma-Sensitive Back-to-School Transition Plan by Jen Alexander

The Autism Discussion Page on Stress, Anxiety, Shutdowns and Meltdowns: Proactive Strategies for Minimizing Sensory, Social and Emotional Overload by Bill Nason

The PTSD Survival Guide for Teens: Strategies to Overcome Trauma, Build Resilience, and Take Back Your Life by Sheela Raja and Jaya Raja Ashrafi

The Stigma Effect: Unintended Consequences of Mental Health Campaigns by Patrick W. Corrigan

Ties That Enable: Community Solidarity for People Living with Serious Mental Health Problems by Teresa L. Scheid and S. Megan Smith

Trauma Is Really Strange by Steve Haines

From the Archives: Instructors Lead Music Clinics

Thursday, Jan 12, 2023

February 6, 1980: Instructors lead music clinics

A group of Music program instructors are holding a series of Sunday workshops for inmates at the Drumheller Correctional Institute. Art Dee, full time instructor at the maximum security facility, contacted the College in response to a need expressed by inmate band members whose musical expertise is outgrowing the level of instruction offered "on the inside". Members of the College contingent volunteering their time and talents to the inmates include Rick Garn on sax, Bob Cairns on guitar, John Hyde on bass, and student Barry Erfle on drums. During the first workshop, held January 27, the College members divided the inmates into their particular instrument category and conducted clinics offering personalized instruction. Approximately 20 inmates attended. (Source: Box 1796, vol. 1, no. 6, 1980).

For other stories from our past, visit the University Archives.

Digital Display: Higher Education Books of the Year 2022

Monday, Dec 12, 2022

As the year comes to a close, the library has compiled a list of resources based on Alex Usher’s Higher Education Books of the Year 2022 blog post. Our list includes items from Alex’s list, as well as those from our own collection. If you are interested in learning and reading more about issues in higher education, including emerging technologies, the future of post-secondary learning, international education, and race, gender, and the academy, make sure to check out these ebooks!

To Read:

Anti-racism in Higher Education: An Action Guide for Change by Arun Verma

Applied Pedagogies for Higher Education: Real World Learning and Innovation Across the Curriculum by Golam Jamil and Dawn A. Morley

The Campus Color Line: College Presidents and the Struggle for Black Freedom by Eddie R. Cole

Degrees of Dignity: Arab Higher Education in the Global Era by Elizabeth Buckner

The Empowered University: Shared Leadership, Culture Change, and Academic Success by Freeman A. Hrabowski, Philip J. Rous, and Peter H. Henderson

The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities by Frances Henry, Carl James, Peter S. Li, Audrey Lynn Kobayashi, Malinda S. Smith, Howard Ramos, and Enakshi Dua

Experiential Learning in Higher Education: Issues, Ideas, and Challenges for Promoting Peace and Justice by Glenn A. Bowen and Laura L. Finley

Higher Education at the Crossroads of Disruption: The University of the 21st Century by Andreas Kaplan

The Instrumental University: Education in Service of the National Agenda After World War II by Ethan D. Schrum

Multiracial Experiences in Higher Education: Contesting Knowledge, Honoring Voice, and Innovating Practice by Marc P. Johnston-Guerrero, Charmaine Wijeyesinghe, and G. Reginald Daniel

Reforms, Organizational Change and Performance in Higher Education: A Comparative Account from the Nordic Countries by Rómulo Pinheiro, Lars Geschwind, Hanne Foss Hansen, and Kirsi Pulkkinen

Reimagining the Higher Education Student: Constructing and Contesting Identities by Rachel Brooks and Sarah O’Shea

University Governance in Canada: Navigating Complexity by Julia Eastman, Glen A. Jones, Claude A. Trottier, and Olivier Bégin-Caouette

U.S. Power in International Higher Education by Jenny J. Lee

Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Instruction for the Digital Age by Darrel W. Staat

Women and Gender in Higher Education: Looking Forward, Looking Back by Ann Wendle


Digital Display: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, also known as "White Ribbon Day." This day is in commemoration of the École Polytechnique shootings that took place in 1989. It is a day reserved for mourning, reflection, and action. We have compiled some library materials below to guide your learning.

If you or someone you know needs resources or assistance, please visit this page created and maintained by the Canadian Association of Social Workers. 

To Read:

A Blueprint for Canada's National Action Plan on Violence against Women and Girls by Canadian Network of Women's Shelters & Transition Houses

Beyond The Logic of Emblemization: Remembering and Learning From the Montreal Massacre by Sharon Rosenburg and Roger I. Simon

Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You by Donna Decker

December 6-National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women by Karen Kading

Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls: Educational Work with Children and Young People by Jane Ellis and Ravi K. Thiara

Promising Practices to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls: Report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women by Hélène LeBlanc

Rage and Resistance: a Theological Reflection on the Montreal Massacre by Theresa M. O'Donovan

Taking Action to End Violence Against Young Women and Girls in Canada by Marilyn Gladu

The Montreal Massacre: A Story of Membership Categorization Analysis by Peter Eglin and Stephen Hester

The Ribbon and the Rose by Amanda Goldrick-Jones

Violence Against Women in Canada: Effective Approaches and Resources by Marika Morris


To Watch:

After the Montreal Massacre

Beyond December 6



Digital Display: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This is a day that promotes the understanding of disabilities and disability issues, and brings awareness and support to the people in our communities with disabilities, and their well-being, rights and dignity. To celebrate this day, MacEwan Library has compiled a number of resources to watch or read that will teach you more about this vibrant community.

To Read:

Accessible America: A History of Disability and Design by Bess Williamson

Beyond Accommodation: Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Disabled Library Workers by Jessica Schomberg and Wendy Highby

Careers for People with Disabilities: Special Opportunities if you are Deaf, Hard of Hearing: Using Today's Technology you can Succeed in any Mainstream Profession by the Institute for Career Research

Case Studies in Transition and Employment for Students and Adults with Disabilities by Keith Storey

Disability Is Not Inability: A Quest for Inclusion and Participation of People with Disability in Society by Nathaniel Amanze and S. Nkhoma

Disability Studies: Educating for Inclusion by Tim Corcoran, Julie White and Ben Whitburn

Disability, the Media and the Paralympic Games by Carolyn Jackson-Brown

Efficacy of Assistive Technology Interventions by Dave Edyburn

Making Computers Accessible: Disability Rights and Digital Technology by Elizabeth R. Petrick

More than Medals: A History of the Paralympics and Disability Sports in Postwar Japan by Dennis J. Frost

Physical Education for Young People with Disabilities: A Handbook of Practical Ideas Created by Practitioners for Practitioners by Rebecca Foster and Lerverne Barber

Playing on an Uneven Field: Essays on Exclusion and Inclusion in Sports by Yuya Kiuchi

Swimming Against the Tide: True Story of Para Swimmer Madhavi Latha by Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

The Inclusive Management Strategy: Engineering Culture Change for Employees with DisAbilities by Camelia M. Fawzy and Brenda Shore

The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving, and Changing the World by Al Etmanski

The Way to Work: How to Facilitate Work Experiences for Youth in Transition by Richard Luecking

Uncanny Bodies: Superhero Comics and Disability by Scott T. Smith and José Alaniz


To Watch:

Autistic Hockey Lessons from Coach Joe

Disability Without Borders

Paralympian Lora Webster Champions Adaptive Sports

Power of Sport


RO@M Has a New Home

Thursday, Nov 10, 2022

MacEwan’s institutional repository, RO@M, has moved to a new locally hosted, open-source software platform, DSpace. This widely used repository software will help ensure the longevity and sustainability of this service.

What does this mean for RO@M users?

  • Faculty and staff can still deposit works by email ( or by sharing their citations with the library each year through the eCV/annual report.
    • Students can deposit works with faculty approval by using a Student Deposit Form that has been moved to the library website.
  • Old links to records in RO@M will redirect to their new location. We would encourage users to share the new “permanent links” for these records with others moving forward.
  • Each record in RO@M now includes a Statistics link where users can see usage analytics.
  • Author profiles are no longer available in RO@M. We will, however, explore the creation of new, basic profiles for MacEwan faculty and staff at a future date.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, email us at

Thank you for your continued support of this important initiative to digitally preserve and share the scholarly and creative output of the MacEwan community.