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The John L. Haar Library and the Office of the Provost established this program to celebrate faculty achievement and to mark career progress. Eligible faculty members are invited to select a book or any work suitable for the library collection that holds professional or personal meaning for them. Selections are added to the library catalogue and will have a commemorative book plate attached, in recognition of these significant professional and personal milestones.

Selected Works


Colleen Maykut, Professor
Nursing Science, Faculty of Nursing

An Educator's Guide to Humanizing Nursing Education: Grounded in Caring Science by Cara, C., Hills, M., & Watson, J. (Editors)

This work was selected as a foundational textbook for ongoing professional development for nursing faculty. This work is directly related to my own field of academic expertise - Nursing Education grounded in the Science of Caring. Our intention in the chapter entitled, "Habitus: An Ontological Space Fostering Humanistic Nursing Education" was to provide direction for nurturing and sustaining professional relationships between educator and student. Higher education provides a milieu for acquisition of knowledge to foster growth as an individual to become a just global citizen. Nursing education must be situated in a humanistic approach to ensure learning experiences are meaningful and inclusive where many voices are honoured. Engaging in professional development as a nursing faculty member will sustain a humanistic learning environment “habitus” which is beneficial for both learners, student and educator.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Vahid Rezania, Professor
Physical Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Science

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

This book taught me to be resilient and have perseverance when you are following your dream. Nothing great in life comes easy: "But man is not made for defeat, he said. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”

Year of Recognition: 2020

Amanda Nelund, Awarded Tenure
Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Science

Stolen life : the journey of a Cree woman. by Wiebe, Rudy and Johnson, Yvonne

This book brought sociology to life for me. All of theories I had been learning about, settler-colonialism, feminism, criminal law and procedure, were exemplified in the story of one woman’s life. This is a violent and, in some parts, tragic story but it is the story of Canada. Yvonne Johnson gifts her story to us and for me that gift was, in part, the gift of understanding. As an undergraduate student this book showed me the power of sociology. We can use our theories and research to understand our own and other’s lives and to change them. This book was a fundamental part of my learning for the ways that it complicates our notions of justice. I have returned to this book many times since I first read it in a third year undergraduate course and I always take something new away from it.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Larisa Hayduk, Awarded Tenure
Anthropology, Economics and Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Science

The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union by Serhii Plokhy

Year of Recognition: 2020

Noufou Ouedraogo, Professor
Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management and Management, School of Business


CONTES DES SAGES D'AFRIQUE is a collection of tales from Africa. Tales have powers that many other forms of communication and teaching do not. They inspire, they evoke imagination and they touch people, emotionally. They are easily remembered, even after a long time. Tales and stories are told, and how they are told makes all the difference. In Africa, stories and tales are told from generations to generations. I grew up in a small village in Africa and tales were just part of how I grew up.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Cheryl Pollard, Professor
Interprofessional Education and Simulation Learning, Faculty of Nursing

Composing a Life by Mary Catherine Bateson

When I think about the books I have read, this one always comes to mind. As I think about the twists and turns of my careers Bateson's description of "life as a work of improvisational art" resonates with me. The interconnectedness we have with one another helps to create the tapestry of our experiences. This is one of the early works that helped me move forward with my work in relational ethics. I am honoured to be able to share this work with you.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Ergete Ferede, Professor
Anthropology, Economics and Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Science

The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

When I was a first-year university student, my economics instructor read us an excerpt from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. This captivated my imagination and led me to wonder why some countries are rich and others are poor. I vividly remember how the instructor passionately explained the importance of The Wealth of Nations as a foundation of classical economic thought. This book inspired me enormously to pursue a career path in economics. Although the book was first published in 1776, most of the issues discussed by Adam Smith are still quintessential in current economic policy discourses.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Dawn Sadoway, Awarded Tenure
Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Application for Teachers and Singers by Kenneth W. Bozeman

I believe that there is a need to develop closer and more meaningful relationships between art and science. The process of generating ideas, of being creative, is ultimately a blending of both art and science. The more we understand this process as a whole, the more we will realize how much we cannot have one thing without the other ... that it is at the intersection of art and science where truly interesting ideas and a remarkable creative energy is generated. This particular book reminds me of the first course I took studying the physics and psychophysics of music back when I was an undergraduate music student at McGill University. Science informs my work as an artist and I continue to believe the artistic human soul is not confined or restricted by scientific exploration, it is elevated.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Masoud Shadnam, Awarded Tenure
Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management and Management, School of Business

Shi'ite Islam by Sayyid Muḥammad Ḥusayn Ṭabāṭabā'ī

This is a concise and yet fantastic overview of Shia Islam. It is not only a great introduction for anyone interested in getting to know Shia Islam, but also immensely informative even for myself as a Shia Muslim. The book is written by Allameh Tabatabai, who was a uniquely talented Islamic thinker and scholar in contemporary times.

Year of Recognition: 2020

Karen Buro, Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Arts and Science

Triumph and Disaster: Five Historical Miniatures by Stefan Zweig

Humankind moves through time and progress often seems continuous. In this book Stefan Zweig highlights in beautiful language five moments in history which changed the world at their time. The stories inspire and remind us that individuals move society forward and change the world. There is another book by the same author, which is a companion to the listed book, called "Genius and Discovery: Five Historical Miniatures"

Year of Recognition: 2020