Digital Display: MacEwan Pride Week

This year, Pride Week at MacEwan runs from March 6-10! This year’s theme is Queer Joy—a radical act of resistance and a way to build community and resilience. Events will be held around campus all week in celebration, including the Billeh Nickerson Poetry Reading on March 7 from 11am-12pm in Room 7-269 (Multipurpose Room) and Over the Rainbow Storytime, which will be held in the Library on March 8 from 10am-11am.


In honour of Pride Week, the Library has compiled a list of books and films about LGBTQ+ history and identity that you can check out below!

To Read:

A Positive View of LGBTQ: Embracing Identity and Cultivating Well-Being by Ellen D. B. Riggle and Sharon Scales Rostosky

Becoming Who I Am: Young Men on Being Gay by Ritch C. Savin-Williams

Fat and Queer: An Anthology of Queer and Trans Bodies and Lives by Miguel M. Morales, Bruce Owens Grimm and Tiff Joshua TJ Ferentini

Global Gay: How Gay Culture is Changing the World by Frédéric Martel, Michael Bronski and Patsy Baudoin

Holy Wild by Gwen Benaway

Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story: A Play by Natalie Meisner, Jason Mehmel, Kevin Allen and Tereasa Maillie

Lesbian Communities: Festivals, RVs, and the Internet by Esther D. Rothblum and Penny Sablove

LGBTQ+: Support and Care. Part 1, Combatting Stigma and Discrimination by the American Academy of Pediatrics

LGBTQAI+ Books for Children and Teens: Providing a Window for All by Christina H. Dorr, Liz Deskins and Jamie Campbell Naidoo

Others of my Kind: Transatlantic Transgender Histories by Alex Bakker, Rainer Herrn, Michael Thomas Taylor and Annette F. Timm

Pride Parades: How a Parade Changed the World by Katherine McFarland Bruce

Queer Festivals: Challenging Collective Identities in a Transnational Europe by Konstantinos Eleftheriadis

Queer People of Color: Connected But Not Comfortable by Angelique Harris, Juan Battle, Antonio Jay Pastrana Jr. 

Rainbow Warrior: My Life in Color by Gilbert Baker and Dustin Lance Black

Soar, Adam, Soar by Rick Prashaw

Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus by Rachelle Lee Smith

Transitions: Our Stories of Being Trans by Various Authors


To Watch:

Gender Matters - Transgender Youth

I Am the Queen


Queer Japan

Southern Pride