Scan on Demand: Online Access to Print Collections

Need a print book that’s on campus? We might have a solution...Scan on Demand! 


What’s Scan on Demand? 

Scan on Demand is a newer Library service that came about within 24hrs of our first closure in March. It’s a way for students, faculty, and staff to access our print collections (including textbooks!) while the Library is closed. Staff are on site Monday – Friday to scan items and email the PDF directly to you. 


How Scan on Demand Works 

1. Confirm the item you’d like scanned is on the shelf at MacEwan University Library. TIP: Look for a green checkmark next to the item as pictured below: 

Screenshot of the library catalogue showing a book that is available at MacEwan University Library.

2. Fill out our Scan on Demand Request Form. We’ll process your request as soon as possible. 

3. When your scan is ready, it will be sent to your MacEwan email address! 


Limitations of Scan on Demand 

Due to copyright legislation, we are not able to scan entire books. Each request will be reviewed for copyright compliance.