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MacEwan Cardholder Agreement

The MacEwan ID/Library card is issued to registered MacEwan students and to faculty and staff and is the official MacEwan identification card and library card. The Library is responsible for the production, distribution and management of the MacEwan ID/Library card. Use of this card is subject to the terms and conditions below, which the cardholder acknowledges upon receipt of the card.

Use and Ownership of the MacEwan Card

Your MacEwan ID/Library card is non-transferable and may be used solely by you for the purposes for which it was issued. The card is the property of MacEwan University and shall be returned to MacEwan University upon request at any time; such request to be within the sole discretion of MacEwan University. Your MacEwan ID/Library card shall be presented whenever requested by authorized MacEwan personnel or the designated personnel of any public authority. These cards are issued to university staff and are valid for the duration of their employment at MacEwan.

Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass)

Your MacEwan ID/Library card with a current and valid U-Pass sticker affixed to it is your Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass). The UPass is non-transferable and the participating transit authorities have the right to verify the validity of your U-Pass. U-Pass stickers are issued to eligible MacEwan students by the MacEwan Students’ Association.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you must notify the Library immediately in order to permit its cancellation. Such notification must be made by visiting the Library in person or by calling Borrower Services at (780) 497-5850. Until such notification has been received, you will be deemed responsible for all use of your MacEwan ID/Library Card, whether or not such use is authorized by you. There is a $10 replacement fee. There is a separate fee payable to the Students’ Association to replace a U-Pass sticker.

Library Charges

Library items returned late, damaged or lost are subject to charges. Materials overdue for more than 31 days are deemed lost, resulting in a charge for the cost of the item. Overdue charges vary depending upon the item, see below:

Item Loan Period Renewals Late Charges Lost Charges
Books-Main Collection 4 weeks 2 $0.50/day

original purchase cost

Periodicals/Journals 2 weeks 3 $0.50/day original purchase cost
Music Scores/CDs 4 weeks 2 $0.50/day original purchase cost
Computer Software 4 weeks 2 $0.50/day original purchase cost
DVDs 4 weeks 2 $0.50/day original purchase cost

Leisure Reading Collection

4 weeks 2 $0.50/day original purchase cost

Reserve Items (Hourly)

2 or 4 hours 0 $1.00/hour original purchase cost

Reserve Items (Daily)

1 or 3 days 0 $1.00/day original purchase cost

Reserve Laptops

3 days 0 $5.00/day $700.00 (PC) / $1000.00 (Mac)

Reserve iPads

3 days 0 $5.00/day $400.00

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The personal information requested in the MacEwan University Library Photo ID process is collected under s.33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIP”) for the purpose of:

  1. providing material loan and other library services at MacEwan and partner libraries; 
  2. access to MacEwan facilities and services; and, 
  3. emergency and law enforcement, safety and security purposes;

Examples of MacEwan services may include but are not limited to: 

  • transit passes, U-Pass
  • access control
  • library services
  • learning management
  • exam proctoring
  • sport and wellness
  • class rosters and directories. 

Individuals who are applying for official MacEwan Identification acknowledge the use of their digital image for the above purposes.

Furthermore, information gathered for the purposes of the U-Pass Program may be disclosed to the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (“SAMU”) and the transit authorities participating in the U-Pass program under the authority of section 40(1)(i) of FOIP. Such disclosure (if any) shall comply strictly with FOIP.

Any questions concerning this collection should be directed to the Lead, Privacy and Information Management at privacy@macewan.ca.

Changes to the terms

The University has the right to amend these terms by posting or displaying such amendments in the Library and from the time of such posting or display, you shall be bound by such amendments.

Cardholder's Consent

By accepting a MacEwan ID/Library card, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement.


Revised May/2020