eReserves for Instruction

The Library provides an online eReserves service that makes digital reserve materials easily accessible to students on and off-campus. The Library can make digital copies of many different kinds of reserve items, including:

  • Journal, magazine, and newspaper articles
  • Book chapters
  • DVDs and CDs

We also circulate physical reserve items at all of our campuses.

Log in to eReserves at

For more information:

Step 1.  Log in to eReserves

Log in with your MacEwan ID and password at

Step 2. Activate your courses

At the beginning of each term you will see a list of the courses you'll be teaching listed under "Courses not yet added to eReserves." Activate each course that you will be using for eReserves by clicking on the Add Course link. Repeat this step for all courses in which you want to use reserves.

Step 3. Add reserve item information

  • You can add items that are already in digital format (such as PDF, docx, or xlsx files) or you can add the information for items you would like the Library to scan and digitize for you. You can also add physical items (such as entire print books) that exceed copyright restrictions for fair dealing. We will circulate those items like traditional reserves.
  • You can add new items to your course, or you can reuse items you've already added to the system.
  • To add items, click on the appropriate course in the "Upcoming/Current Courses" section, and then click on "add reserve items" in the left hand menu.

Add new items

  • Select the right kind of material from the "What would you like to place on Reserves" section: article, chapter, entire book, etc.
  • Fill in the required information, and any additional information your students may find useful.
  • At the bottom of the page select how you'd like to supply the material. If you have a digital copy of an article or chapter already, you can upload it in the next step. If you're bringing material to the Library for us to scan, then select the option "I will bring material to the Library." We will also pull material off the shelf for you, or if you like, you can link to a website (like an ebook, or online gov doc).
  • At the bottom of the page you can edit the dates when students can view content.
  • Click on "Submit item" when you're done. If you're uploading content yourself, you can do that on the next page.

Reuse items from other courses

  • From the bottom of the page select the course from which you'd like to reuse material.
  • Select items from the following screen and click "Import Items."
  • You'll be routed back to the screen for the course you're working on.

Delete and edit items

  • To delete or edit items, first click on the relevant course, and then click on the title of the item you wish to delete or edit.
  • Select "Delete this item" or "Edit this item" from the top of the item record.

Step 4. Bring material to the Library to be digitized or placed on Reserves

  • If you are providing materials to be digitized, or physical items that will be circulated, you can drop them off at your campus library, or send them via intercampus mail. Please make sure your name is attached to the material so we can match it to the right course and return it to you.
  • The Library will create high quality digital copies, and then review the material for Copyright compliance, which may take a few days, depending on the volume of requests. Once the material is available, you will see the status in eReserves change to "Available on electronic Reserves" or (for physical items) "Available at Reserve Desk."

Step 5. Provide student access in Blackboard

  • Students can access all of their reserve readings through the link Once they log in with their MacEwan ID and password they will see any courses they are registered in that have reserve materials available. They will not see materials for courses in which they are not registered.
  • The easiest way to give students access to your reserve readings is to add the "Ares Course Reserves" tool in Blackboard Learn.
  • Within each course in Blackboard Learn, under Course Management on the left hand side below course menu, expand the Customization menu and click Tool Availability. Put a checkmark in the "Available" check box beside Ares Course Reserves and click Submit. You can now add the eReserves tool to your course menu or to any content area in your course


  • Ensure that any items you require for the beginning of term are entered in the system and dropped off at your campus Library two week before the start of term.
  • We anticipate high demand at the beginning of term for reserve services so please begin adding your materials as soon as possible.


  • Materials that fall under MacEwan University's Fair Dealing Guidelines or other applicable copyright exceptions will be approved and made available quickly. 
  • The Copyright and Licensing Office can get permission for items that require it. Royalty fees may be covered by the program or department, material fees or alternatively distributed in a Bookstore coursepack with the fees included in the coursepack price.
  • Please contact the Copyright and Licensing Office at if you have questions related to copyright and reserve materials.

Materials from Other Libraries

  • We cannot place material from other libraries, including other NEOS member libraries, on reserve shelves at MacEwan University. However, we will be able to digitize materials from other libraries and add it to eReserves.