Course Outline Service

The Course Outline Service is the easiest way for instructors to add materials to a course. Simply send us your course outline (syllabus), or a list of citations for the readings and videos in your course, and we’ll do the rest to ensure your students have access. Library staff will:

  • Insert a permanent link to the full text articles and ebooks when available electronically,
  • insert a link to the Library catalogue for physical items so students can locate books and DVDs in the Library’s collections,
  • make a digital scan of a chapter from a print book,
  • stream a DVD,
  • review and clear copyright.

We'll email the list back, and you can then add the links and readings to mêskanâs for your students, or we can create a Course Resource List in mêskanâs for you. Course Outline Service requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis; however, turnaround time (typically 3 – 5 days) will be affected by the number of requests received and may be considerably longer if copyright permission is required or if items are not currently available in the Library.

Send your course outline or list of citations to and be sure to include:

Full citation information: author; title of the book, chapter, or article; date of publication; name of anthology or journal when applicable; and a link to the resource when available such as a publisher website, a doi, or link to the record for the item in the library catalogue

Course title, code, section, semester, and your name

Item type: article, chapter, DVD

Example of an email to the Course Outline Service

Example Email Image