Digital Display: Métis Week

It’s Métis Week! Every year, we celebrate Métis Week, which falls around Louis Riel Day (November 16th). This week celebrates the unique identity and long roots of the Métis Peoples and commemorates their sacrifices and efforts to be recognized as a distinct nation. To coincide with festivities, which run November 14-18th, MacEwan Library has put together a number of films, podcasts, and books that explore and celebrate the past, present, and futures of the Métis Peoples.




Man Who Chooses the Bush

Night Raiders = Les Voleurs de la Nuit

The Metis in Canada

The Wake

Wake Up! 



Métis in Space

Muddied Water

The Métis Podcast Series



A People and a Nation: New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies by Jennifer Adese and Chris Andersen 

Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker 

Digital Storytelling in Indigenous Education: A Decolonizing Journey for a Métis Community by Yvonne Poitras Pratt

From New Peoples to New Nations: Aspects of Metis History and Identity From the Eighteenth to the Twenty-first Centuries by Gerhard J. Ens and Joe Sawchuk

Kisiskâciwan: Indigenous Voices From Where the River Flows Swiftly by Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber

Le statut de Métis au Canada. Histoire, Identité et Enjeux Sociaux by Denis Gagnon

Metis Pioneers: Marie Rose Delorme Smith and Isabella Clark Hardisty Lougheed by Doris Jeanne MacKinnon 

Returning to Ceremony: Spirituality in Manitoba Métis Communities by Chantal Fiola 

The Audacity of His Enterprise: Louis Riel and the Métis Nation That Canada Never Was, 1840–1875 by M. Max Hamon 

Where No Michif has Gone Before: The Form and Function of Métis Futurisms by Chelsea May Vowel