Welcome to the Makerspace!

Monday, Sep 12, 2022

6-203 - Open M-F 10am-5pm – FREE!

The best part about the makerspace isn’t…

It’s the excellent, fun, patient student Tech Tutors at the Makerspace, ready to help you get started. Have you ever wanted to learn something like 3D printing but just didn’t want to do it on your own?

Now you don’t have to! Just drop-in and Makerspace Tech Tutors will walk you through it.

Now is the time to build those skills that are going to support you as a student, an entrepreneur, a professional, and an academic.

Additionally, the Makerspace might be just what you need have the best costume at Fan Expo.

Come by and get started!


Email: makerspace@macewan.ca

Instagram: @macewanmakerspace