Equipment and Laptop Lending

The equipment and laptops below are available at the Borrower Services desk at the John L. Haar Library.

Type Equipment Loan Period Late Charges
Computers HP/Dell Laptop 3 days $5.00/day
  MacBook Air/Pro 3 days $5.00/day
  iPad Air 3 days $5.00/day
Chargers Android/iPhone 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Apple Gen1 & 2 4 hours $1.00/hour
  USB-C 4 hours $1.00/hour
  MacBook Air/Pro 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Universal Laptop Charger 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 4, 5 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Dell Laptop 4 hours $1.00/hour
Cables HDMI to VGA 4 hours $1.00/hour
  HDMI to HDMI 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Lightning to VGA 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Lightning to HDMI 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Mini DisplayPort to VGA 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4 hours $1.00/hour
  USB-C to VGA/HDMI 4 hours $1.00/hour
Miscellaneous Mice 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Headphones 4 hours $1.00/hour
  iPhone headphone jack adapter 4 hours $1.00/hour
  USB Card Reader 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Wireless presenter 4 hours $1.00/hour
  Camcorder 3 days $1.00/day
  Tripod 3 days $1.00/day
  Digital audio recorder 3 days $1.00/day
  Calculator 1 day $1.00/day
  SD Card 1 day $1.00/day
  Portable CD/DVD player 1 day $1.00/day
  Blu-Ray player 1 day $1.00/day
  Google Cardboard 1 week $1.00/day
Emerging Technology 360 Camera 3 days $1.00/day
  GoPro Camera 3 days $1.00/day
  Selfie Stick 3 days $1.00/day
  Tripod 3 days $1.00/day
  Raspberry Pi Kit 1 week $1.00/day
  Arduino Kit 1 week $1.00/day