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Tara Stieglitz 

On Leave
BSc (Alberta), MLIS (British Columbia)
+1 (780) 633-3187

Tara Stieglitz is a data and science librarian at MacEwan University. She is a subject liaison librarian for biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and planetary sciences. Additionally, she coordinates the library's data services, including managing data subscriptions and administering the MacEwan University Data Repository. Her scholarly interests include online and blended learning and the promotion of open data and research data management.

Selected Publications/Presentations/Conference Papers

Goodchild, M., Rod, A., Stieglitz, T. (2023, March 30). For the community by the community: Developing a survey of Canadian Dataverse administrators. Presented at RDAP Summit 2023. 

Foster, A., Nelson, J., Pitcher, A., &  Stieglitz, T. (2021, March 15).  Choose-your-own-learning: Using Google Forms to improve asynchronous learning. Presented at OLC Innovate 2021.

Stieglitz, T. & Whitson, L. (2018, Sept 25).  Text, lies, and video tutorials: Examining format preference and effectiveness in blended IL instruction. Presented at ECIL, Oulu, Finland.

Stieglitz, T. & Whitson, L. (2017, May 25).  Beyond usability: considering student preferences around point-of-need instructional resources. Presented at WILU, Edmonton, AB.  

Stieglitz, T., Whitson, L., & Nelson, J. (2015, October 19).  Iterative design principles for learner-centred tutorial development. Presented at the European Conference on Information Literacy, Tallinn, Estonia.

Morrison, J., Nelson, J., &  Stieglitz, T. (2013, November 24).  Engaging embedded and mobile! The evolution of an online IL instruction program at MacEwan University. Presented at Netspeed, Calgary, AB.