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Joan Morrison 

MLIS (University of Alberta), B.A., Hons (University of Saskatchewan)
+1 (780) 633-3387

Joan Morrison is the Library Chair for 2021-2024, Student Engagement Librarian, and Vice Chair of the Library Council. Her scholarly interests include information literacy and library instruction.

Selected Publications/Presentations/Conference Papers

Nelson, J., Morrison, J., & Whitson, L. (2015) "Piloting a blended model for sustainable IL programming.” Reference Services Review 43(1), 137‐151.

Morrison, J. & Nelson, J. (2014, July 25). Instructional diversity: A blended model for sustainable IL programming. Paper presented at Library Instruction West Conference, Portland, OR.

Morrison, J., Nelson, J., & Whitson, L. (2016, 21 April). Dangled carrots and measuring sticks: Motivating online learners in self-enroll library instruction. Poster presented at the 17th Distance Library Services Conference, Pittsburgh, PN.