Research Data Management

Good research data management makes research more organized and efficient and ensures research findings are verifiable and reproducible. A well documented research data management plan keeps the research process on track and prevents ambiguity and data loss.

Research data management encompasses the entire research data lifecycle, including the creation, processing, analysis, preservation, sharing and reuse of research data.

For more information about research data management in Canada visit the Portage website.

Research Data Management Policies

Creating a Research Data Management Plan

DMP Assistant is an online tool to help you prepare a research data management plan. Create an account and use the template to guide you in answering the questions and creating a data management plan.

Storing and Sharing your Research Data

Many different data repositories exist, some are discipline specific and some are interdisciplinary. For help choosing a repository for your data contact Tara Stieglitz (

  • ICPSR - The MacEwan Library is a member of ICPSR, a repository for social and behavioural research data.
  • - a global registry of research data repositories.