Course Materials and eReserves Information for Faculty

Students please visit our Textbook and eReserves page.

Library Materials in Blackboard (eReserves)

Library staff can make digital copies of library materials from the physical collection such as a book chapter or a DVD. These materials can then be made available for your students in Blackboard. 

Log into Blackboard and follow these steps to have print or physical media digitized and added to your online course. If you are having issues accessing the eReserves form via Blackboard try

Linking to Online Library Content in Blackboard

Link in Blackboard to online articles, ebooks, or streaming media licensed by the Library and available for immediate use by your students. 

Most of the articles, ebooks, and streaming media in the Library's digital collection include unlimited simultaneous users.

Placing Course Materials on Library Reserve

Place high demand textbooks, print books (including personal copies), DVDs, CDs, and other materials on Library Reserves for your students by signing into Blackboard and following these steps. If you are having issues accessing Reserves form via Blackboard try

Students can borrow items placed on Library Reserve by using their MacEwan ID card at the Library Services Desk.

Due to their high demand, reserve items have a much shorter loan period, ranging from 2 hours to 3 days typically determined by the faculty member. 

Personal copies of course materials can be place on Library Reserve. Email to make drop-off arrangements. 

Textbook Options for Faculty

Place Textbooks on Library Reserves

Place textbooks for Reserve by signing into Blackboard and following these steps

Students can borrow textbooks placed on Reserve by using their MacEwan ID card at the Library Services Desk. 

The Library purchased an additional, but limited, number of copies of required textbooks to support students' learning. The Library cannot guarantee that students will have access to the textbooks they need when they need it. The Library's textbook collection was developed as supplementary support collection and is not intended as a replacement for the purchase of required textbooks.

Switch to an Open Textbook

There's a growing number of high-quality, free online textbooks that instructors can use, share, and modify from:

Librarians can also support faculty wanting to create or modify existing open textbooks through the MacEwan Open Textbook initiative. Email for more information.

Switch to a Digital Rental Option

Consider assigning a textbook for which a digital rental option exists. RedShelf and Vital Source are two popular sites that offer digital texts, purchase discounts, and rental options for many popular textbooks. 

Keep Using Older Editions

Only switch to a new edition of a textbook if the content is outdated or the edition becomes unavailable from publishers. This gives students more opportunities to buy used copies and sell them when they are no longer needed. 

Don't Assign Textbooks that Students aren't Required to Read

If students only need to read a small portion of the text consider putting the title on Library Reserve or it may be possible to make the readings available in Blackboard. 

Find Lower Cost Alternatives

Is there a cheaper textbook with comparable content? Can you replace a textbook with scholarly articles and other sources that students can access online or through the Library? Subject librarians have expertise and can assist with locating alternative sources and compiling reading materials. 

Help with Locating or Selecting Readings

Subject librarians have disciplinary expertise and can assist with locating, updating, replacing, or selecting reading materials for your courses. 


Placing Course Materials on Library Reserve - allow 4 weeks to ensure items are available for the first day of classes. Requests that exceed fair dealing and where copyright permissions must be obtained may take up to 6 weeks. 


Questions related to making your course materials available on Library Reserve or in Blackboard, email

Questions related to copyright, email