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Step 4: Read and Evaluate

As you read the resources you’ve found, make sure you’re evaluating them for their trustworthiness on the topic at hand and their usefulness in helping you explore your topic and answer your research question. If the resources don’t seem overly useful or are only slightly related to your topic, go back to Step 3 to troubleshoot. 

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Key things to know

Infographic: Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources Infographic

Infographic: How to read a scholarly article

Reading a Scholarly Article Infographic


  • Not sure if an article is peer-reviewed? Find more information on the journal itself using a quick google search of the journal title and reviewing the journal's "About" page.
  • When evaluating your sources, keep your assignment guidelines close at hand. That way, you can check if the resources fit the assignment guidelines as you go.