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Step 5: Organize, Write, and Cite

At this stage of the research process, you are getting ready to answer your research question and incorporate your resources. Below are the key steps in this process: 

1. Organize: As you’ve read your sources, you’ve likely noticed trends in what people investigated and their findings. Organize the resources by main ideas (these will often match the points you’ll want to make in your paper or assignment) and make sure any claims you make are supported by your sources.

2. Write: Begin by writing an outline, identifying your main ideas or argument, the evidence that supports them, and why your main idea is significant. This will give you a guide as you write your first draft. 

3. Cite: Anytime you pull an idea from someone else you must cite the originating source, whether you’re using their words or your own. Make sure you review the assignment guidelines to check the citation style, as this impacts both the format of your paper and how you format your citations. 

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  • As you proofread and edit, watch for patterns of errors - this will help you with this paper and in your future work.
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