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Step 3: Find Resources

Finding resources that are applicable to your topic and question is all about having the right search strategy and knowing what kind of information will best aid you as you answer your research question.

For a list of tools for finding materials to support your research, visit the Find Resources section of the library website.

Questions about borrowing books, videos, and more from the library? Visit our Borrowing Pages to learn more!

Key things to know

Video: Finding Library Resources

Video: How to use the Library Catalogue

Resource Guide: Formulating your search strategy using Boolean Operators (USask University Library)

Infographic: Example of the Research Process 

Example Search Process Infographic


  • Save all of your resources in the same place. This will save you a lot of time during the Reading and Citation steps.
  • Keep your thesis in mind as you search. This will keep you on track and help you ignore resources that look interesting but aren’t relevant.
  • Searching for resources can be complicated and you might have to try several searches before you find something.