Open Access

Making published works open access (OA) can increase research impact and visibility since anyone can freely access these works online.

Publish in an Open Access Journal

To explore peer-reviewed OA journals covering all subjects, visit the  Directory of Open Access Journals.

To enable OA, some publishers charge a fee. The following options are available to MacEwan University faculty to help cover these fees:

  • MacEwan University Publishing Support Grants  - Six $1500 awards are available annually to help faculty cover publishing fees and expenses. 
  • NRC Research Press (Canadian Science Publishing)  - Following acceptance, self-identify as affiliated with a CRKN institution to receive a reduced OA publishing fee of $1500 per article (valid until December 31, 2021).

Self-Archive Works in a Repository

Most academic journal publishers that are  not  open access still allow authors to post the final peer-reviewed draft of their work (also known as an  author accepted manuscript  or  post-print ) to an online repository.  Look up self-archiving policies on journal publisher websites, or by using a site called  SHERPA RoMEO . You can also ask MacEwan's institutional repository staff to investigate policies for you by emailing citations for works to

When permitted by publishers, authors can self-archive their works in one of two ways:

  • Contribute it to an institutional repository; MacEwan faculty should use  Research Online at MacEwan  (RO@M). 
  • Deposit it in a subject-based repository. To find a repository for your discipline explore the  Directory of Open Access Repositories.

Find an Open Access Book Publisher

Academic presses are increasingly embracing open access publishing models. To explore existing options, visit  Publishers of OA Books.

Still have questions?
Contact your  Subject Librarian.