Copyright for Instruction

Copyright Checklist

Step-by-step guide on if you need copyright permission.

Fair Dealing

Fair dealing guidelines and legislation information.

Using Copyrighted Materials in BlackBoard and eReserves

How to use copyrighted materials online.

Classroom Presentations and Performances

Covers copyrighted materials during performances and presentations.

Music and Video

Using music, videos and scores in the classroom.


Fair dealing rules on handouts.


What can be included in coursepacks and permissions.

Using Freely Available Web Content

Internet exceptions and linking.

Using Copyrighted Materials on a Publicly Accessible Website

Fair dealing and the web.

Textbook Instructor Materials

Using supplementary materials from textbooks.

Library Database Content

Licensing and library database content.

Sharing Materials Through Email and Cloud Platforms

Fair dealing and cloud.

Student Works

Student works are protected by copyright.