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Interested in challenging prejudice? Curious about different perspectives? Come to the MacEwan Human Library — an event where books are people and reading is a conversation.

MacEwan University Library is hosting a human library event as part of pride week 2020. A Human Library is an opportunity to facilitate storytelling and conversation among people who might not normally talk. People who have a story to tell (Human Books) are put together with people who want to learn about that person’s experience (Readers). The goal is to get people out of their comfort zones in order to challenge prejudices and stereotypes.

Choose from a catalogue of human books telling stories with titles such as;

  • Not One Spirit But Two: How I Had To Get Lost In Order To Find Myself
  • Horny & Suicidal: A Queer Love Story with Anxiety
  • Stump Kitchen is Queering the Kitchen with One Hand
  • The Wave of Survival: A journey of a black transgender refugee
  • Creating more inclusive K-12 schools
  • From Combats to Stilettos and Beyond

The event runs from: 11AM- 2PM March 3rd.
Sign up for a story across from the library in 7-269

11 Introductions
11:30 first round of stories
12:00 second round of stories
12:30 third round of stories
1:00 fourth round of stories
1:30 fifth round of stories
2 Closing comments

Pride 2020 schedule

Human Library is sponsored by the Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity, the Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU), Wellness and Psychological Services, MacEwan Library and the Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity.
This event is part of Pride Week 2020, when MacEwan University celebrates the diversity of our students, faculty and staff and supports the LGBTQ2S+ community and allies