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Study Zone Guidelines

MacEwan University Library is committed to creating a welcoming physical environment conducive to learning. The Library is a shared space in which we strive to accommodate diverse learner needs while maintaining a respectful environment for all library users.

At the John L. Haar Library, study zones have been created to provide an environment that supports individual study and research as well as collaboration and group work. The purpose of the zones is to provide separate areas for collaboration, quieter conversation, and silent study. Expectations of noise levels vary according to the zones.

Study Zones

Silent Zones

The east and west end of the second floor of the library as well as in four designated silent study rooms on that floor. 

ExpectationsQuiet study: no talking or socializing. Cell phone use is limited to silent mode and texting. Zero tolerance for noise.   

 Quieter Zones

Located in the central sections of the second floor of the library. 

Expectations: Quiet study individually or in small groups. Low-level conversation is acceptable. 

Collaboration Zones

Located on the first floor of the Library  including the Technology Support area and group study rooms. 

Expectations: Interactive study with moderate talking allowed. Talking is acceptable but please be considerate of others and keep your voice to a reasonable level. During exam periods the second floor of the library becomes a Quieter Zone.

 Instruction Labs

When not being used for Library Instruction, these labs are open for quiet study. 

Please check schedule outside each lab for availability. 


We are all responsible for maintaining a respectful study environment. If you experience noise that you believe is incompatible with the zone in which you are located, you may wish to approach the noise maker(s) to remind them of the zone guidelines. If you feel uncomfortable doing so or if the individual(s) refuse to cooperate, please report the disturbance to a library service desk.

These guidelines are informed by MacEwan University’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy .

If situations arise where noise levels exceed the guidelines for a study zone, measures as outlined in the Student Discipline Policy may be applied.

Library staff will intervene as appropriate in cases where behaviour in a library study zone is incompatible with the guidelines for that zone. Security Services staff may be asked to assist in cases where inappropriate behaviour continues in a study zone.