Borrowing Textbooks from the Library

Thursday, Jan 13, 2022

To provide textbook access to as many students as possible, loan lengths are restricted to 24hrs. This means library textbooks cannot replace the level of access you would have when purchasing/renting your own copy. 

To borrow a textbook from the library: 

  • Get your textbook information:
    • Enter your student ID# in bookstore textbook list generator 
    • Log into Blackboard and get your textbook title from your course syllabus 
    • OR search for your textbook in the Library catalogue.
  • Return your textbook
    • Be sure to return your textbook before the Library closes the following day.

Additional textbook access options: 

See our Textbook and Course Materials for Students page for more ways to get access to your textbooks including renting, requesting scanned portions of your textbook, and more.