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Getting Feedback on your Writing

Monday, Mar 22, 2021

What is it like to get feedback from the Writing Centre?

Your paper doesn't have to be finished to receive feedback; we accept work at any stage of the process. The Writing Centre does it’s best to return submissions within three business days. As you’ll see, we provide a lot of information for you to consider and integrate, so we encourage students to plan ahead and submit their paper early.

When you submit your work, please share a few concerns that you have about work. This will help us tailor our feedback to support you!

Screenshot of question when submitting paper for feedback: "What specific things would you like your tytor to work on? Grammar, and I think how my sentences are organized kind of needs work"

The tutor will review your paper keeping the concerns you have raised in mind. They will also see if there are any other areas you will want to revise in your work.

Screenshot of tutor feedback on a paper: "I understand that you would like some help with sentence flow and grammar. You have chosen some important aspects of your work to focus on, and I will talk about one strategy that you could use to improve both your sentence flow and your grammar. However, since your instructor wants you to write a persuasive essay, I also want to talk about some ways that you can make your argument more clear and more convincing."

The feedback you receive will be in two parts: First, the tutor will explain their concerns for each area they focus on, in Areas Needing Improvement. They will then provide specific strategies and resources in Next Steps.

Your feedback will outline Areas Needing Improvement and provide specific strategies and resources in Next Steps.

Screenshot of Areas Needing Improvement section of a submitted paper. "Sentence Structure. Mostly, you write pretty well, but there are a few grammatical errors here, especially sentence fragments. A whole sentence contains a subject and a verb, and it is a complete thought. A fragment lacks one of these three things: it is a broken or incomplete sentence. Sadly, fragments make your writing less clear, and they disrupt the flow of your sentences. It shouldn't be too hard to clean them up, and, once you do, your essay will be more clear and appealing to your reader."

Screenshot of Next Steps section of feedback on a submitted paper. Examples of next steps include providing an example of a sentence fragment taken from the paper, instructions for how to fix the sentence fragment, additional tips for checking the flow of sentences by reading them aloud, a link to an addition resource for revising sentence fragments.

Finally, the tutor will leave embedded comments in your paper. These might ask you questions to help expand upon an idea, call your attention to patterns in your writing you might want to address, or compliment a particularly effective piece of writing!

Next, the tutor will leave embedded comments in your paper. These might ask you questions to help you expand upon an idea, call your attention to smething in need of revision, or commend you for a particularly effective passage!

A screenshot of a submitted paper showing a tutor comment right next to the sentence/paragraph that needs to be addressed.

Submit your paper here: library.macewan.ca/wls and check our other services, we hope to hear from you soon!