Publishing Support

New Services Annoucement!

  • Help Choosing a Journal Publisher - Contact your subject librarian with details about the research you are planning to publish, and they will send you a list of reputable peer-reviewed journals for your consideration.

  • Research Impact Reports - If you are working on a grant application or dossier, send your subject librarian a list of citations for your published peer-reviewed articles and they will compile a report for you detailing how many times your works have been cited according to popular citation databases including Scopus and Web of Science to help you demonstrate the impact of your work.

  • Author Profiles in RO@M - Have Library staff build you an author profile in Research Online at MacEwan (RO@M), the University's institutional repository. Email citations for your published works to along with any files you wish to contribute that are not already available online (e.g., conference papers, digital copies of creative works). Staff will investigate copyright permissions and upload works on your behalf. In cases where published works cannot be shared openly, we will link to the Library's copy for MacEwan users to access.